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Ok folks. The time is up for this little blog. I dug this set up and have created a new site that will incorporate some features from here along with a few others. pzajicek.missingsaddle.com will get you there or just head to philzajicek.com to get redirected. Ciao!


Getting better.

Well, starting to recover. Been really out of it for a few days here. The x-rays of the hand look pretty good, the screw moved a bit but nothing to warrant another surgery. Lucky with that one. I've started to ride a little bit, hopefully be back to real training in a few days. Lost a lot of skin though, the body definitely doesn't like it when you lose a large percentage of your body to 3rd degree burns. I've changed my race schedule a bit to give me some more time at home to get back on top of things. My next race will be in a few weeks out at Redlands. Be good to get some solid training in and ease back into things. 7 weeks til Tour of Georgia, going to rip it up there!

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