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Made it home, very beat up and feeling down. High speed crash three miles into the race, no where to go at 35 mph but straight into someones bike then a nice inpersonation of superman. Hit my recently operated on hand pretty badly, going back in for x-rays tomorrow. Hope that screw is still holding things together. A good week til yesterday...


Blogger BBroed said...

Aw, P, That SUCKS. Sorry to hear about your crash. Your luck will certainly change, my friend.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil, you put in an awesome 7 days of racing. You were the highest-placed American non-ProTour rider in the race, a fact which was noted in cyclingnews.com's coverage of the race, and certainly by every rider and DS in the race. Bad luck happens to anyone, and although it changes the outcome, it doesn't change your excellent form and the results of that. Nothing is wasted, especially the hard work you put in and your excellent results. Don't let bad luck get you down; all your fans and everyone in the industry still hold you in the highest regard. Rock on!!

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Ride, rotten break.
You're too talented and proved so in the ToC. It must be tough, but
the best is yet to come.
See you on Lemon, Local Fan

7:19 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

The crash is archived on the Amgen website. I watched it and it shows you down and up almost instantly, plus gripping your hand.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Orbearider said...


Great job in CA, I know it's hard to take the crash, but the experience, your performance and your attitude all prevail making you even stronger for the next event. Good things to come to you.



4:45 PM  

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