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Ok folks. The time is up for this little blog. I dug this set up and have created a new site that will incorporate some features from here along with a few others. pzajicek.missingsaddle.com will get you there or just head to philzajicek.com to get redirected. Ciao!


Getting better.

Well, starting to recover. Been really out of it for a few days here. The x-rays of the hand look pretty good, the screw moved a bit but nothing to warrant another surgery. Lucky with that one. I've started to ride a little bit, hopefully be back to real training in a few days. Lost a lot of skin though, the body definitely doesn't like it when you lose a large percentage of your body to 3rd degree burns. I've changed my race schedule a bit to give me some more time at home to get back on top of things. My next race will be in a few weeks out at Redlands. Be good to get some solid training in and ease back into things. 7 weeks til Tour of Georgia, going to rip it up there!



Made it home, very beat up and feeling down. High speed crash three miles into the race, no where to go at 35 mph but straight into someones bike then a nice inpersonation of superman. Hit my recently operated on hand pretty badly, going back in for x-rays tomorrow. Hope that screw is still holding things together. A good week til yesterday...


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Also. Huge kudos to clif bar for making the tour of california the first carbon neutral race by investing in green tags to offset the pollution created by the race.

Super hard tt today. I gave it everything and put in a solid ride. Still up there on gc and ready to fight tomorrow. Was really wasted after the tt but am coming around quickly. Awesome crowds today and very motivating to hear so many people cheering!


Cool pic of the prologue: http://www.photoshelter.com/img-show/I00000rpZwz2BJ0A
Feeling good and ready to rock tomorrow! Hope that with a good ride tomorrow I can crack the top ten, quite a few tt hitters here though!

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